Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Been Sometime Since I Was Last Round These Parts

Its been sometime from my last post. And I blame Minecraft, once more have I fallen under its ability to draw me away from everything else that I should be doing. I mostly blame the fact that my friend has started up his own server that I now play on, and that this server has a massive Zelda fan art theme, that even I have added to.

 That is my little addition to the world. well that and a house that has so much water it is starting to lag up the server. But hey, its my underwater glass house, and SOME of the water has been removed, but only some. So it still can be bad at times.

Well that was it I was just popping in for a second anyway. I feel the need to mine down for gold. Need more gold.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Old School Links Awakening

The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening, the Zelda game that I have played and finished the most. It was the the game that got me into Zelda games and  a since then I have stopped Ganon at his every turn, thought its now always Ganon it has also been a spooky mask, a fish, three evil mages and a host of other things.

Despite all of this this game and I did not get off to the best of starts. At the time that I got this game I was six and because of this had no idea of how to solve any of the puzzles, this is why it after five years of playing I still had not gotten in to the first dungeon in the game. However this did not stop me having fun though five years of walking in the same area had given me some idea of how the game works. So five years and I was into the first dungeon, it fell quickly as did the second, third, fourth and, fifth dungeons. Then I stopped and messed around for a bit on other games came back and got stuck.....again dungeon seven is hell, so I skip it destroy the last dungeon and come back. Then a long and by long I mean long side quest to get the best weapon in the game, this quest has you going all over the map first to get hints as to were the weapon is then to the first item to get the weapon, and then on a massive swap quest to get both this item some upgrades and the weapon, if you do this like I did on its own it takes about a day, but you can do it as you play so that takes less time.

This blog post came from a question on a website I use called the Escapist (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/) it asked what my most played game is, this was the answer that came out with about twenty play thoughts to its name. Its at the point I can do this game in an afternoon an I do this every now and then just for the fun of it. And after the twenty times through I still do find it fun, and this is starting amaze me how can I play a game so much but still find it to be so fun but despite the amazement I am so happy that I still find it fun because it means I can just come back to this game any time I like just for the fun of it, and you know I will I'll just keep coming back again and again.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

You know I'm Totally not a Vampire

Well it looks like this blog is just about the games I have been playing, and you know I'm cool with that, I might at some point put in some other thing but hey that's at some point.

Right Magicka is the name of the game we've been playing and by we I mean me and two of my friends cus magicka is more fun when its a threeway of killing (it how my friend described it........it true btw). The aim of the game in magicka is simple save the world, though levels in spired my spoofs of almost every game and moive ever made. And I do mean ever, with Star Wars inspired level names to kicking, well hitting with water, a man down a pit. It rips off them all, and you know this makes the game so much more fun.

And the game is fun to start with. The combat is simple and well fun. You get 8 elements and you can combine them to make death, and if you feel like it you can hit your enemy's with your sword but I don't know why you would do this. Anyway combing magic is fun and the results can be hilarious more so when there is three people lobbing around magic and they can't decide on what elements to use, cus not all of them are no speaking teams and have a habit of exploding when they get crossed. And this is hilarious mostly cus it sent one of us off the map or just turned us into little chunks, and they ended up over there and there and there.

The cast of the game just makes me smile the best of all is Vlad, who goes through the hole game telling you he is not a vampire, and like one of the ncps this helps a lot, cus i was almost sure that he was. The rest of the cast is epic as well and in most of them you can see the spoof coming out, from the king lobbing a thunder throwing mage down a pit to his yelling of KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN. They just make the game so much more fun.

And when you run out of story mode, it has an on-line and off-line arena mode of you you sink your teeth in to, this is just killing enemy's from the main game in different waves that just get more and more aggregating and fun. Also this is by far the hardiest part of the game we've finished the main game and we can only get up to wave 19, and then we just died.....yetis are evil.

So to some this up Vlad is not a vampire even though he looks like one, you can kill the enemy's but its more fun killing you friends and last I HATE YETIS.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Meat

Super Meat Boy.........how I hate this game

Yet how I love it as well......its a bit of a problem, this love hate relationship I have with this game. I love it because it is a hard game a very hard game but at the same time so rewarding to play. And I hate it because it is so hard......yes yes I know its a bit of a contradiction,,,well a lot of a contradiction. The reason that I love and hate the game is the same.

I should I think talk about what Super Meat Boy is. Super Meat Boy is a simple platforming game, but with out the simple or easy. The aim of the game is to get back your girlfriend Bandage girl (shes made of bandages) from the evil Dr Fetus (A fetus is a jar) thats about all there is.....oh yer you play as MEATBOY (a boy made of meat).

You go about saving Bandage girl by doing more and more aggravating levels that involve you jumping from platform to platform off walls and over pits of, well lots of things the variations of the levels means that there is all sorts of hazards to avoid like the plague. This is were the game starts to get hard. You die in a hit and it is very easy to get hit. This is were the rage starts to kick in this game. LOTS AND LOTS OF RAGE. I can't play this game for more that an hour at a time before I want kill some one. And that is not a good thing. But despite how much rage the game give me I keep on coming back again and again

Dear god this game will kill me.....or the person who is sitting next to me...one or the other but hey oh well I still need to save Bandage girl and stop Dr Fetus.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ok who are you and how did you get in my mine?

So I'm doing what I spend a lot of my time doing these days......playing Minecraft. Oh minecraft how oh how you take up my time. Any way I was walking around in my mine-house thing, its a house with a mine under it, so I'm in the mine on my way up after mining some ore. Iron I think and I hear a cow, yes a cow in my minehouse.....like that name its now my minehouse......its like a moon base, so in minehouse 1. Yes there is more than 1 a lot more that one, sooooo the cow yes this cow was just sitting in the opening of my mine part of the minehouse 1. Now this confused me because there well should be no way in to my house unless you can open doors FYI cows can't. Anyway me and this cow stare into each others eyes and i'm like "how are you in here" and the cows like "moooooo" cus well its a cow, not expecting much from it at all to be fair "mooooooo" was about all they do. So me and this cow look at each other a bit more before I smack the crap out of it, and it dies. So now I'm left in my house with the remains of this cow I just killed and a question who were you and how the hell did you get in my mine'. At this point I think well there must be a hole somewhere so off to look for it I go

No hole....

So re-cap there is a dead cow in my minehouse and no way for it to have gotten in...so I put this down to a random glitch so back down the mine for me and I go. Down and left and down and left and I get many shiny things for my troubles, and on the walk to my chest who is there but two chickens and a sheep......what first a cow and now some sheep and chickens what is this an arc of some kind...no I think not. They are killed off at double speed so back I go to look for the way there getting in, its not the portal to the nether I have, its like hell but with pigpeople, and there's still no hole.

No hole....

So were are they coming from....

I think this is one of the many things that I will never know about this game. The other is where are all of the squids hiding.  In fact I can hear a sheep in my house right now WHO ARE YOU AND HOW DID YOU GET IN MY MINE HOUSE that's it get my killing stick.......

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So I've got to start a blog....this is it by the way

We'll it looks like I need to get my self a spot on the web. Sooo this is it.
My blog a little part of me that I'm going to leave on the web for who ever like to come and have a look and see how little is going on in my life, and yes there will be not much going on in here.

At most it will just be me going on and on about whats happened to me
or things that I've thought of at random points.....mostly in lessons......when i should be working......bit like now......but hey.

Right anyway bit off track. So this is me....on the web....trying to leave my mark